• Mike's Body of work is firmly anchored in comic-book and literary traditions of Machen, Lovecraft, Toth, and Kirby. Yet was has been emerging from them is a species all its own.

  • Hellboy is a comic-book master-piece.  With style, imagination, and a haunting simplicity, it creates a parallel universe of mystery and horror, which is unique in the medium.  I have nothing but admiration for Mike Mignola and his cohorts.  Hellboy restores my faith in the joy of comic books.

  • Hellboy is a gem, one of considerable size and a surprising luster.  While it is obviously a gem that has been mined from that immeasurably rich seam first excavated by the late Jack Kirby, it is in the skillful cutting and the setting of the stone that we can see Mignola’s sharp contemporary sensibilities at work.

  • Mike Mignola is a master of the kind of dynamic impressionistic art that is influencing the rhythm of modern graphic storytelling.

  • The best horror comic in a generation. This Mignola guy is a wizard.