RT : WCK is proud to be able to serve the people of California 🙏
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We’re launching an eBay auction of 4 sketches, including and , with 100% of the proceeds going to…
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Not trying to draw the Mummy from the Universal films--No Karloff, no Lon Chaney Jr.--But I do really love that one…
6 days 1 hour ago
Then for some reason you decide you're just going to draw mummies all day. Because why not.
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RT : WCK first began cooking in response to COVID-19 in February. Now, we're serving fresh meals each day in dozens of c…
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RT : A resigned space pirate. ⁠ A cosmic secret . ⁠ An unforgettable battle between a small civilization of miners and t…
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RIP the great Juan Giménez. I didn't know him but loved his work. He was actually a major influence (don't know if…
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RT : The world of continues w/ the upcoming release of from . The 5-part serie…
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This guy might be slightly confused about his own name. It looks like in the original comic his name was GOLIATH bu…
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RT : Exclusive Preview: BALTIMORE: MONSTROUS by Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden -
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RT : Still time to bid on those Mignola Hellboy sketches for charity
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RT : This is no April Fool’s joke! Dark Horse is releasing more than 80 first issue comics + a handful of full graphic n…
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Itching to do more sketches (obsession?) but today actually have to do some real work--So here are some from a whil…
1 week 1 day ago
Godzilla singin a song
1 week 1 day ago