Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this website?
Yes we are asked this all the time. This website is run by a few different people. Christine Mignola no longer runs this website. Please send questions to

Does Mike do commissions?
Currently Mike does not do commissions privately or at conventions. He just doesn’t have the time!

Can Mike design my ——-?
Mike currently has more than enough work but is always interested in your inquiries so please feel free to forward requests the . You never know!!

How do I purchase original art?
Mike sells some original art at conventions.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we ship everything International First Class…sometimes this can take up to 21 business days or 4 weeks to arrive to it’s destination. We use for all postage…they issue a tracking # but once it leaves the US it no longer shows on their site. If you need an item by a certain date please contact us and we will send it Priority at an extra cost.

Will Mike design a tattoo for me?
This is a big one! We love to see all of Mike’s work on you guys! Unfortunately Mike does not design tattoos and suggests that you just go through his books to find an image that suits you!

Will Mike Attend our convention?
Mike is currently booked through 2016. He is also cutting back drastically on the number of conventions he does each year. If you have a request you can send it to

Can I get an interview with Mike?
All interview requests should be directed to David Hyde at Superfan Promotions…

Will Mike take a look at my art??
If you catch Mike at a convention and he has no line (yes it does happen) he is usually happy to look at your portfolio. Please do not send your work to our PO Box. He will not look at it and it will be returned immediately. We will not be responsible.

Will Mike sign my books, cards etc?
Mike is happy to sign your books, cards, DVD’s etc. at convention and signings. And he does not charge for signatures. Please do not send them to our PO Box…we will not be responsible for them.

Will there be a Hellboy 3?
There are currently no plans but let’s hope that some day that will change!!

What pencils, pens, paper does Mike use?
Pencil – Staedtler Mars Lumograph – 2H, HB
Pen – Staedtler Pigment Liner – 0.1, 0.3
Ink – Higgins Black Magic
Paper – whatever Dark Horse has been sending him foryears – not too smooth, not too rough

Who are Mike’s inspirations?
Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby, Jeff Jones, Bernie Wrightson, NC Wyeth and many more.

What does Mike read?
He reads mostly older supernatural stuff 1800’s- 1930’s.

Favorite authors
M.R. James, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, E.F. Benson, William Hope Hodgson, H.P. Lovecraft, Manly Wade Wellman

What does Mike watch?
Mike likes to watch a little bit of everything. He does watch a lot of old horror movies.

Favorite movies
Bride of Frankenstein, THE BODY SNATCHER (Val Lewton), Night of the Demon, Black Sunday (Mario Bava), The Innocents, THE HAUNTING (the original), Great Expectations (David Lean), Beauty and the Beast (Jean Cocteau), Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Moby Dick (John Houston), The Man Who Would Be King

What are Mike’s favorite comics?
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby’s Thor & Fantastic Four

How do you pronounce your last name?

Can I draw, produce and sell a print of your characters?
We are flattered by artists who love to do their spin on Mike characters…one off commissions are okay but we will not give anyone permission to sell prints or anything for that matter that is more than one. Please do not do this.

Does Mike charge for signatures at events?
No… •